CILSS Network

Our mission is to deliver superior returns on invested capital not only to our own shareholders but also - through active partnerships - to the management and shareholders of the companies we invest in.


     Our investment process is time-efficient, and practical for the entrepreneurs. It aims to shorten the investment cycle while maintaining high quality standards. The time span necessary for CILSS Network's participation depends on a variety of factors; the quality of the management team, the market development stage, the status of the business plan, the available management information, and the structure of the company.

Due Diligence

    During the due diligence process, we validate our assessment of the relevant technologies, market dynamics and business economics. This provides a basis for developing the best strategies and minimizing risks. Customer references and business analysts' opinions are sought. Professional legal and financial advisors check the company's legal structure and financial statements. An internal investment proposal is prepared, which requires approval by our supervisory board. Prior to completion of due diligence the lawyers prepare new shareholder and investment contracts. Following completion and approval, the investment ensues.