CILSS Network

Our mission is to deliver superior returns on invested capital not only to our own shareholders but also - through active partnerships - to the management and shareholders of the companies we invest in.


     Our investment process is time-efficient, and practical for the entrepreneurs. It aims to shorten the investment cycle while maintaining high quality standards. The time span necessary for CILSS Network's participation depends on a variety of factors; the quality of the management team, the market development stage, the status of the business plan, the available management information, and the structure of the company.

Initial Analysis

    One of our general partners, supported by a member of the advisory board or some other specialist, develops a more thorough understanding of the company through meetings with the management. We assess both the business opportunity and the management's capabilities, understanding the values and objectives of the management in order to build a productive working relationship.

    It is also important to focus on the market, products, management team, and business model. Mutual belief in the business plan, including the budgets and forecasts is essential. This plan also enables us to anticipate future cash needs and develop a strategy for adressing those needs.

    Once an agreement on the company's strategy and financing structure is reached, we prepare a term sheet.

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